Sector II – Plav lake, Plav

Beneath of the mountain Visitor, there is the jewel of Plav municipality, Plav lake, the biggest glacial lake in the Balkans. It has the forms of ellipse, surface of 2m2 and an average depth of 3m and 9m the deepest. It is situated at 907m above sea level. The clear and cold water, Plav lake gets from the river Ljuča. On leaving the lake, river Lim occurs. Plav lake is rich with a diverse fish species.

Area: Half of Plav lake is an competition area

Fish species:

  • Black sea salmon
  • Huchen
  • Grayling
  • Pike
  • Chub
  • Nase

Sector II Map – Plav lake, Plav


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