Sector I – Ljuča / Gusinje

At the foot of the mountain massive and national park ”Prokletije”, river Ljuča flows through Plav – Gusinje valley to the lake Plav. Although the mountain river, Ljuča has all the characteristics of a lowland river, because its course of 16 km long, all the time makes meanders with shallow and deep parts. River is extremely cold, with a maximum temperature of 8°C and depth ranges from 0,5m to 3m. Ljuča is the southern point of the natural habitat for graylings.

Area: Sector I Ljuča – is a middle part of river Ljuča, near the small village Martinovice. The competition part has many of meanders and it belongs to catch and release area.

Fish species:

  • Grayling
  • Huchen
  • Brown trout

Sector I Map – Ljuča / Gusinje

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